Welcome to Meadowfield

Meadowfield Farm

Meadowfield Farm is a family run goat farm in Co. Wexford. The family farm has been farming for multiple generations and in 2014 we transformed the former cattle sheds into a goat dairy. We milk 200 Saanen, Toggenburg, and Nubian goats. At Meadowfield Farm the goats are the VIP’S – only a happy, well cared for goat will produce good quality milk so we make sure that they are always contented, with outdoor access with the best of a fresh grass and herb diet and healthcare. The goats are milked daily, and the milk is then transported to our production units at the farm where we make our farmhouse goats cheese and our goats milk skincare range.

Meadowfield Cheese

At Meadowfield we produce two styles of farmhouse cheeses – soft goats cheese and Irish feta style cheese. They are made using the goats milk from our own herd and vegetarian rennet. The milk is gravity fed from the milking parlour to the cheese production unit where the cheese making process starts. We pasteurise the milk and begin making the cheese using a traditional farmhouse method of hand cutting the curd and straining through a special muslin cloth which gives the cheese a silky smooth texture. Meadowfield soft goats cheese is mild and creamy and the Irish feta style cheese is a gorgeous tangy crumbly cheese. Our cheeses are made and packaged within 12 hours and are then delivered to stores, restaurants and hotels the following morning – you can’t get fresher than that!

Meadowfield Skincare

Meadowfield Skincare started from a passion for skincare. Having a background in the skincare industry and knowing the fabulous health benefits of goats milk we started utilising our very own goats milk sourced from the farm. With its many beneficial properties, it has developed since, into a range of natural skincare products. We handmake our goats milk skincare range in our purpose-built skincare production area. We make all of our products by hand, in small batches, on site, using traditional methods, ‘cold press’ for soaps, and ‘milk-in-oil’ for lotions, which allows us to customise every single ingredient within each bar of soap and tub of lotion. We are proud to say how the benefits have helped many of our customers with varied skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin.

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